Laerdal/Philips FR3

RRP from £2318 to £2813

  • The cost of the FR3 starts at £1990 (for non CPR Feedback) or £2485 (for CPR Feedback device pads)
  • You can buy the FR3 and CPR & AED Training for up to 8 people for £2340 (non CPR Feedback) or £2835 (for CPR Feedback)

The most expensive defibrillator of it's range.

This defibrillator is the preferred out of hospital defibrillator for Community First Responders for the Scottish Ambulance Service.

  • Super Fast Analysis (the fastest on the market)
  • The is the off Ambulance version of the defibrillators the Scottish Ambulance Service Use
  • Child Key - Ensuring the shock is appropriate if used on a child
  • CPR Feedback device incorporation (optional)
  • These Defibrillators have a 5 year warranty
  • These Defibrillators gives the same shock 150j constantly
  • These Defibrillators self checks battery, pads, buttons and software on a regular basis
  • Voice guidance - Talking you through the entire rescue

The defibrillator package most commonly requested is -

  • Laerdal/Philips FR3
  • 2 X Electrode Pads
  • Child Key
  • Carry Case
  • Wall Mount
  • Casualty Preparation kit
  • CPR Feedback Device (Optional)

If you are interested in this defibrillator complete the enquiry form and we will get back to you with a detailed quote specific to your individual needs..... we always ensure you get the appropriate defibrillator for your specific needs.