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HSE legall due diligence guide

Stick WIth Us!

What do you need to do to stay in line with the HSE?


The HSE removed approval for First Aid at Work training providers.

The onus is now squarely put at your feet when picking a training provider. You need to do "DUE DILIGENCE" to ensure that you pick a provider that will teach your first aiders the correct techniques and knowledge and have efficient and effective qualified instructors.

Let us make that easier for our in this single page!

We satisfy all of the HSE's requirements laid out in the "Selecting a First-Aid training provider" (this is still in daft guidance version right now)

We are currently acquiring SQA and Ofqual Approval.

The areas you need to satisfy your self in are -

  • The content of any First Aid training is appropriate (we take our lead from the HSE and training exactly as they have always required we do)
  • In house trainers/assessors with appropriate qualifications (all our trainers meet the HSE's listed qualifications in multiple areas!)
  • A quality assurance system that is regularly reviewed (we are ISO 9001 accredited specifically for First Aid training quality standards)
  • Class sizes are appropriate (we as the HSE states will not and do not currently take more that 12 delegates on classes with one instructor and maximum 8 on Defibrillator training)
  • The certificates contain the appropriate information (these currently contain the information that the HSE are requesting and will continue to do so)
  • Our equipment should be of an appropriate standard (as I'm sure your are aware our equipment is of a high quality standard and very will maintained well above the line stated by the HSE)
Table from HSE Guidance to employers

In the HSE's publication on how to choose an appropriate First Aid provider there is a table with the following information to guide you in picking a provider for your First Aid Training! Below you will find this guide.

Check Yes No Notes
Trainer/Assessors Our trainers/assessors all have a vast quantity of experience in first aid and all have several professional training qualifications EACH that satisfy the HSE.
Do the trainers/assessors have current FAW certificates or qualify for an exemption? icon  
Do the trainers/assessors have an appropriate training/assessing qualification? icon  
Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance is managed primarily by Gary Hickman (Director). We have for the 2nd year running ISO 9001 accreditation. Gary also is one of our registered instructors and as such has the appropriate qualifications to train, assess and verify.

Our course evaluation procedure is online here -
Is there a documented quality assurance plan designating an individual to take responsibility for quality assurance, including assessment of the performance of trainers/assessors at least annually? icon  
Does the designated person have a current FAW certificate or qualify for an exemption? icon  
Does the designated person have an assessing/verifying qualification? icon  
Is there a documented course evaluation procedure? icon  
Teaching current accepted first-aid practices

Our teaching standard has always been to the Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines found on their website -

Is FAW/EFAW taught in accordance with current guidelines on adult basic life support published by the Resuscitation Council (UK), and for other aspects of first aid, in accordance with the current guidelines published the Voluntary Aid Society or other published guidelines that are supported by a responsible body of medical opinion? icon  
Training Syllabus Our course content is as defined by the HSE and our course are (on the overleaf dates) at the required length and time frame. If you First-Aid needs assessment defines specific hazards, defibrillator training or anything else we can also provide training to go above and beyond the FAW.
Does the course content adequately meet the needs of your workplace as indicated by your First-Aid needs assessment? icon  
For FAW, does the syllabus include the topics listed by the HSE and does the course include at least 18 contact hours over 3 days? icon  
For FAW Requalification, does the syllabus include the topics listed by the HSE and does the course last at least 12 hours over 2 days? icon  
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